Stupid is as Stupid Does

Why does everyone treat me like the village idiot? Do I have “stupid” written across my forehead? Am I wearing a jester hat that’s visible to everyone but me?

People laugh at me, condescend to me, and talk slowly when I’m present. Hello! I’m not a toddler, dammit! I don’t understand why my happy-go-luckiness comes across as me being stupid.

For example, at work I was explaining to my bosses why I never have money; I cancelled my debit card because of irresponsible spending, and never end up going by the bank (it’s in the opposite direction of the route I take for work). IMMEDIATELY, everyone jumped down my throat about how it’s [the bank] “only 4 miles out of the way” and lecturing me about how dumb I am to not just change my route to work.

2 things:

  1. I choose the fastest, shortest route so as to save money on gas. As I’ve mentioned before, I don’t have any money to spare.
  2. I avoid taking out money at all costs. So yeah, I don’t have money to get food. Don’t just assume it’s because I’m stupid and incapable of making good financial decisions (NOW, I was very, very bad at making them a few months ago).

These situations keep happening to me. At my other job at Barnes & Noble, I found some really pretty Thomas Kinkade Disney-themed puzzles. They’re so. freaking. pretty. 61Q91l2R95L._SX355_

I mean, HELLO?!

So, I’ve been saving my tip money from my other job, getting the CHANGE turned into bills, and buying them with my employee discount. They’re 750 pieces of solid entertainment, and give me about a day and a half of hard focus time.

That’s apparently a problem for my bosses. They give me lecture after lecture about moving up to a 1000 piece puzzle, they’ve taken me to the puzzle aisle to show me more difficult ones, and brag to each other how they’ve “tried to get [me] to graduate”.

I am very capable of doing a 1000 piece puzzle. I choose not to, because the scenes that I like are only 750 pieces! I’m not actively avoiding the 1000 piece ones, and even if I was, why is it your job to try and fix me?

I was going to end this post here, but I have more evidence of people treating me like I’m stupid and I need to share because if I don’t get it out I will quit both of my jobs in a moment of rage and then I will be even more broke.

One of my tasks at one of my jobs is to schedule the other employees with the same assignment. So, I sit at my bosses desk, and input the week’s schedule into a template. Excel likes to play that fun game where it guesses what you’re ACTUALLY trying to do with it, and basically autocorrects your inputs. No, Excel. I do not mean 5 minus 10, I MEAN 5PM-10PM, DAMMIT. So while I’m putting the schedule in, I’m trying to manually reformat the cells so that all of my inputs can be uniform. This helps my OCD, and makes me feel more professional than I really am. Every few minutes, my boss will look over and tell me that I’m taking an awfully long time to input the schedule, or ask me if they should do it instead. Like, guys. I know how to do it, I’m just TRYING TO BE PROFESSIONAL.

Oh, and one more thing. One time, someone I scheduled didn’t show up for their shift. I had the day off to go to a Red Sox game, and none of our other employees were available. When I apologized to my boss, I made the comment about how I’m “sorry I’m not very good at this”, meaning taking care of the schedule. My boss replied “at least we know where your strengths lie”. When I asked what my strengths are, their response was “I haven’t figured it out yet”.

UM, SERIOUSLY!?!? I’ve worked at this job for years, I’m the only employee who consistently washes the floor, AND you just assigned me a new list of responsibilities. 5 years of busting my ass for this job and you still think I suck at it!? What the actual hell.

Can someone tell me if there’s a dunce cap on my head, that only I can see? This is so frustrating.


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