We Can Work (not from home)

My new hit single! Move over, Fifth Harmony.

Guys, I hate working in the summer. Gone are the days when I could sit on my ass all day avoiding my assigned chores until my mom pulled in to our driveway. Since I was a sophomore in high school, I’ve spent my summers working. This makes me irrationally bitter towards the Maine summer camp kids that I inevitably deal with at both of my summer jobs.

The thing is, I know that working my ass off every summer is a necessity, if I want to get school paid off before I’m dead. I just hate how isolated working every day, all summer long makes me feel.


9am- Wake up, drink lots of coffee

930am- Shower, get dressed

10am- Let dog out

1030-730pm- WORK

This schedule makes it really hard to do anything. I can’t really sleepover at my friend’s house, ’cause I have to get up early (and, selfishly, I need my quiet mornings for coffee & contemplation [a la David Harbour in Stranger Things]). I can’t really get dinner with anyone, because this is Maine and we eat at 5pm. I can’t do anything before work, and I can’t do anything after. This is frustrating.

Granted, it’s totally my own fault I isolate myself during the summer. I just have very particular time restrictions and being the control freak I am cannot veer from my routine or I will have a full blown meltdown. If I can’t drink my coffee and read my book at my kitchen counter at approximately 9:13 every morning, I will DIE. I share this need for routine with my 4-month old cousin.

It sucks having to work the summers away. It really does. If I wasn’t so selfish about my ‘me time’, I probably would have some time to spend with friends. But alas, if I give up my puzzle-doing from 8-930pm I will never get my puzzles finished and then I would’ve wasted $8.93. YOU WOULDN’T WANT ME TO WASTE MY VALUABLE SPLURGE MONEY, WOULD YOU?

Living in isolated work-mode will all be worth it when I’m working a high-paying job and can buy a house with one of those rooms specifically for hanging out. Like, a totally awesome woman cave, or a sitting room (probably a sitting room).


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