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The Hanson Brother’s lesser known hit single.

Here’s the deal: I’ll be starting my junior year of college in the fall. Which means senior year is only a little more than a year away. Which means I have to take the MCAT. Which means I have to take the MCAT soon. 

Our pre-health advisor wants us to take it at the beginning of junior year, but like. Settle down, Jen. I’ve had a rough summer of working two jobs, I ain’t about to sabotage myself by taking the test as soon as I step foot back on campus in the fall. Instead, I’m aiming to take it in January of 2018.

I’ve got this super sweet set of study books (thanks, Santa!):


But, honestly? Do you guys know how hard it is to study for something that you’re not taking for 6 months!? I study for my exams a week in advance. This is literally trying to study over a period that is 24 times the norm for me. And ya know what, I can’t focus.

Shocking, right?

I get started with the biology review book, and immediately get completely sidetracked by something like a good book, or season 5 of Orange is the New Black (Frieda for MVP).

I guess that’s what the MCAT is designed for, though. To test your ability to focus in high-stress, high-stakes, winner take all hand to hand combat. Just kidding. Maybe.

Seriously, though. In high school, the SAT helped to weed those of us without high standardized test scores out of the application pool for high tuition, low acceptance schools. The MCAT feels like a higher stakes weeder exam.

Now, OBVIOUSLY, it’s to test your knowledge across the sciences and assess your critical thinking skills, which, if you’re hoping to be a doctor, is super imperative. I disagree, however, with the notion that standardized testing is the most accurate way to determine a student’s academic prowess and is definitely not the way to test their critical thinking abilities.

I mean, come on. Answering a multiple choice question is honestly the worst way to asses critical thinking. Can there really be a correct answer?! I can talk my way through a problem and my subsequent reasoning for my solution, but damn. To pick the “best answer”? That’s asking a lot of me.

I’ll probably pick over the books this summer (not biochem, though. I’m saving that for after I’ve actually walked the fiery deserts of HELL in the fall), but man oh man. I really wish my goal wasn’t hinged on my ability to answer (bullshit, if we’re being honest) multiple choice questions *mic drop on the AAMC*


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