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Summer Breeze (Makes Me Feel Fine)

If you read this title and didn’t immediately think of Ted Mosby singing this song to Stella the dermatologist you gotta get on Netflix RIGHT NOW and binge How I Met Your Mother.

I am so, so happy to be home for the summer. No more bad food! No more shoes in the shower! I can sleep in a queen sized bed! Most importantly, I don’t have to take the T for a whole 3 MONTHS.

My plan for the summer is to work (obviously, school doesn’t pay for itself),binge my Netflix queue (hello, Nurse Jackie & Prison Break), and most importantly: GET HOSPITAL EXPERIENCE.

The biggest problem I’ve been having with that last one, is that pretty much all of the doctors offices in my area have automated phone systems. 1 for medical records, 2 to schedule an appointment, 3 to stay on hold forever while waiting for an available secretary to listen to your perfectly practiced professional begging. I really, really want to shadow a pediatrician. And an emergency room physician. And an obstetrician. I want to shadow all the specialties!

I really want to hop back into my old volunteer position at my mom’s hospital (not my mom’s hospital, my mom’s no Meredith Grey. She’s an infection control specialist). But I’m currently in a competitive game of phone tag with the hospital’s volunteer coordinator. Stay tuned for the results.

Other than that, I’m teaching myself chemistry! Yay! I hate chemistry and have no self respect! Out of panic due to the impending 2-semester Organic Chemistry course I’m taking, I took to for advice on how to get an A in Orgo. In my search, I found this book, which was highly recommended:


It’s super tiny. It’s super paperback. It’s super expensive. On the spectrum of textbooks, it’s relatively cheap- $70 with shipping. On the spectrum of other 224 page paperback books, it is wildly overpriced. Luckily, this edition just came out in January and hasn’t been phased in as an actual textbook yet- the 3rd edition (which covers the exact same material in the exact same sequence) costs $150. So far, I’ve worked my way through about half of the first chapter (Lewis structures and constitutional isomers). It is equal parts practice problems and equal parts informative. HOPEFULLY practicing in this can help me get my A. ‘Cause I really, really want it.


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